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Quality certificates :

BRS (Baltic Register Service):

BRS is a USA based international certification body operating from the Rim of the World Office in California and creating a truly global community through a nonhierarchical structure as an innovative and internationally recognized and accredited certification registration body. BRS is capable to asses and issue certification in the field of ISO 22000, 9001 & HACCP under GOB (Global Oversight Board) accreditation.(www.brsgroup.org)

GOB (Global Oversight Board) :

The GOB Secretariat on location in California USA is part of the governance Board of Directors and carries the management - administrative arm of The GOB | GCC. The Secretariat is a member of the Board of Directors responsible for the administration of the Charter and in supporting through Donations, Fundraising, Grants and Regulatory Affair Practices (RAP) based accreditation - recognition. (www.accreditation-global.net)

ISO 22000 Certificate :

The introduction of Food Safety Management System (FSMS) ISO 22000 will reduce the need for organizations to undergo the existing multiple assessments, specially with BRS services combining ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. And with the large base and global food chain suppliers this development has significant implications within the food industry.

HACCP Certificate:

Hazard analysis and critical control points, or HACCP , is a systematic preventive approach to food safety and pharmaceutical safety that identifies physical, allergenic, chemical, and biological hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe, and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level. In this manner, HACCP is referred as the prevention of hazards rather than finished product inspection. The HACCP system can be used at all stages of a food chain, from food production and preparation processes including packaging, distribution, etc .

Integrity &Tracking Certificates :

For Tracking certificates & checking integrity please follow the items below :
1- Go to B.R.S website : www.brsgroup.org
2- Go to integrity page.
3- Click on word profile
4- Enter ID Code of our company which mentioned in certificates and click on Iran as country name.

On the study base of moody , S&P & Fitch international ranking system ICOC (Iran chamber of commerce ) set up system for Iranian company ranking .

Halal Certificate

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