Nuts and Kernels Wholesale Supplier

Products: Bunches, branches, wreaths, cones, dried fruit, nuts and spices, florist wrap and ribbons, novelties and accessories, pods potpourri, shells, sand. Jumbo Thompson Seedless Raisins: These plump raisins are giant, about two to three times the size of a regular raisin!
Dark Raisins: Deliciously sweet dried grapes.
Products/Services: Cashews, Pistachios, Macadamia Nuts, Toffee Covered Walnuts & Almonds, Chocolate Coated Peanuts, Crispy Coated B-B-Q Peanuts, Mixed Nut Cocktail, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Jelly Beans, Fruit Jellies etc.
The ever increasing demand for new and evolving botanicals enabled the Company to develop markets for its products. The product range is extensive and by no means exhaustive.
Nuts & Kernels Snacks & Sandwiches, Sweets & Chocolate.


Almonds (Assorted): Enjoy these delicious pastel colored Jordan Almonds!
Sliced Almonds: A Iran almond, thinly sliced to be used for any baking need. Great for cake decorations and with string beans.Organic Almonds: Delicious organic almonds. Dried Apricots: Grown off the Mediterranean coastal region of Europe, these apricots are sweet and comes at a great price!
Roasted Salted Almonds: Roasted Salted Almonds from Iran (Persia).
he freshest walnuts come from our trees at Iran. Raw Organic Pistachios (No Shell): Organic raw pistachios out of the shell.
Dried Apricots: Vibrant not only in flavor and color, these Jumbo Dried Turkish Apricots are great and ideal for snacks.
Organic Iran Apricots: Organic dried Turkish apricots. Dark Raisins: Deliciously sweet dried grapes. Raisins are high in iron. Excellent for snacks. Even the kids love them. Great for baking as well. Sargol Persian Saffron Dasteh Persian Saffron (Bunch),


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Iran Dried Fruit Exporter
Sortes de pistache de l'Iran:
Longue pistache d'Akbari
Pistache ronde (de Fandoghi)
Pistache enorme (de ghuchi de chou frisé)
Pistache d'aghaee d'Ahmad
Longue pistache de Badami
Pistache normale de grain
Pistache verte de grain
Pistache rôtie et salée
Pistache rôtie et non salée

Sortes de safran de l'Iran:
Safran de Sargol (tout le rouge)
Safran de Pushal (Mancha)
Safran de Daste (groupes)

Sortes de raisin sec de l'Iran:
Raisin sec (noir) séché au soleil
Raisin sec de Sultanine
Raisin sec vert
Raisin sec d'or

L'Iran sec sortes:
Catégorie A de pâte
Catégorie B de pâte

Fruits secs de l'Iran d'autres produits:
Abricot entier
Moitiés d'abricot

Sortes de date de l'Iran:
Date de Piarom
Date de Sayer
Date de Mazafati
Date de Zahedi
Date de Kabkab
Date de Shahani

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