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Iran major countries export Iran dried fruit. Iran major countries export fresh fruit. Iran major countries manufacturet organic dried fruit. kernel pistachio long pistachio round pistachio, pistachio nut shells some pistachio nut shells into one plate.
Pistachio nuts are grown around the world, specifically in Greece, Italy, Syria, Turkey, Iran and the US.
We are exporter of extra quality Iranian raisins, figs, dates, pistachios, almonds, walnut kernel, hazelnut kernel other dried fruits and nuts products.
Pistachio: Iran (Islamic Republic of) the best product of iranian pistachio. Round, jumbo, long fruit & nut mix hot & spicey mix roasted salted mixed nuts roasted unsalted mixed nuts pistachio importer. Iran pistachio wholesaler.
Iran sargol saffronall red saffron pushal saffron mancha saffron daste saffron. Sun dried raisin black raisin ahmad aghaee pistachio is delicious pistachio fandoghi pistachio is delicious pistachio and export from Iran Additional to raw pistachio Iran manufacture roasted pistachio iranraisin.com Iran raisin pistachio fig saffron export.
Manufacture wholesale of roasted salted pistachio. Best quality sultana golden green dark raisin. Best raisin quality and sun dried grape. Organic dark green golden black sultana raisin.
pistachiopistachio.com We are grower, processor and exporter pistachio from Iran. export all types and sizes of iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels. Iran Pistachio supplying the demands of the best quality Iranian Pistachio.
Iran dried fruit exporter. Supplier of Iran dried fruits, saffron, pistachio, almond, apricot. dried fruit Iran dried fruit fresh fruit Iran fresh fruit organic fruit organic dried fruit none chemical fruit Iran import export none chemical fruit Iran export all kind of date none chemical fruit is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured piarom is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured iran dried fruit exporter company iran dried fruit exporter, pitachio, saffron, dried fig, raisin, date,

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Iran Dried Fruit Exporter
Sortes de pistache de l'Iran:
Longue pistache d'Akbari
Pistache ronde (de Fandoghi)
Pistache enorme (de ghuchi de chou frisé)
Pistache d'aghaee d'Ahmad
Longue pistache de Badami
Pistache normale de grain
Pistache verte de grain
Pistache rôtie et salée
Pistache rôtie et non salée

Sortes de safran de l'Iran:
Safran de Sargol (tout le rouge)
Safran de Pushal (Mancha)
Safran de Daste (groupes)

Sortes de raisin sec de l'Iran:
Raisin sec (noir) séché au soleil
Raisin sec de Sultanine
Raisin sec vert
Raisin sec d'or

L'Iran sec sortes:
Catégorie A de pâte
Catégorie B de pâte

Fruits secs de l'Iran d'autres produits:
Abricot entier
Moitiés d'abricot

Sortes de date de l'Iran:
Date de Piarom
Date de Sayer
Date de Mazafati
Date de Zahedi
Date de Kabkab
Date de Shahani

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