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Dried Apricot

* Low Fat/Low Cholesterol - Apricots contain no cholesterol and are practically fat-free (each fruit has approximately 0.1 gm. Fat). When pureed or mashed, apricots become thick and creamy, a good substitute for fats and creams in many recipes.

* High Fiber - As with all produce, the skin and flesh of the apricot provides fiber in the diet.

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Sulphuring of apricots

Sulphur dioxide will prevent browning of the apricots. The sulphur dioxide can either be added by dipping the apricots in a solution of sodium metabisulphite (sulphiting) or by placing the fruit in a chamber in which sulphur is burnt (sulphuring). Adding sodium metabisulphite can help to preserve the colour, although there are strict limits to the amount to add. Many people prefer the taste of fruits that are not treated with this preservative. The color can be regulated without the addition of chemical preservatives. Sulphuring is the better solution because in sulphiting, there is often an uneven penetration of sulphur dioxide, the fruit is made wet which increases the amount of drying needed and some soluble nutrients are lost.
The apricots need to be placed in a chamber in which sulphur is burnt for 2-3 hours. 2-4g of sulphur is needed for each kg of fresh apricot. Care needs to be taken during the sulphuring to prevent sulphur dioxide from escaping from the chamber as it will cause breathing difficulties if inhaled.


Sun drying produces a dried apricot with a more desirable color than artificial drying. Solar drying can be used to reduce dust and dirt contamination. If the harvest coincides with the rainy season, an artificial drier may be essential.
The apricots should be placed in the drier with their cups upwards and dried to a moisture content of 15% (wet basis).
There can be several reasons for the spoilage often fruit - the most likely one being that the drying process is taking too long, resulting in chemical reactions taking place within the cut fruit. It is important to ensure that good quality fruit is used that is not over-ripe. Also, the fruit pieces should be thinly sliced to speed up the drying process.


All that is required is packaging in simple plastic bags with attractive labels. The plastic has to be thick enough to prevent it being damaged by the dried apricots. The use of a polythene sealing machine will produce a more attractive finished product.
The processing of apricots can improve the returns obtainable from the sale of crops, especially when the quality of the product is monitored and kept to a high standard.

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