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Dried Apricot

* Low Fat/Low Cholesterol - Apricots contain no cholesterol and are practically fat-free (each fruit has approximately 0.1 gm. Fat). When pureed or mashed, apricots become thick and creamy, a good substitute for fats and creams in many recipes.

* High Fiber - As with all produce, the skin and flesh of the apricot provides fiber in the diet.

* Low Sodium - Fresh apricots contain approximately 1 milligram of sodium per fruit, and unlike vegetables which increase greatly in sodium content when canned, processed apricots have a mere 1 milligram of sodium per fruit.

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Drying of apricots

The main traded apricot product is dried apricot. Dried apricots are a good source of vitamin A, iron and sugar, and where they are in abundance, their processing can provide valuable income-generating opportunities. The methods of drying apricots vary from simple sun drying through solar drying to large-scale artificial dryers. The traditional sun drying of apricots involves destoning the fruit and placing it on flat rocks for approximately six to nine days. This produces a dried fruit with an uneven dark brown colour and a tough, texture.
Sulphur dioxide is normally added to the fruit as a preservative and to give the dried product a brighter orange colour. Sulphur fumigation is a hygienic, low-cost preservation technique, that maintains colour of the food. There is a small but growing market for apricots that have not had sulphur dioxide added, in 'health food shops' in Europe and the United States of America.

To produce a high quality dried apricot product:

Traditionally, apricots are harvested by shaking branches and letting fruit fall to the ground. The fruit is then either eaten fresh, sun-dried or heaped in fields prior to pit removal. This practice, common in many countries, of shaking the trees and letting the fruit fall to the ground, results in damaged, bruised and dirty fruit. A high quality dried apricot cannot be produced from a poor quality apricot so this method of harvesting should be discouraged. In order to reduce damage, fruit can collected in outspread sheets held above ground level.
The apricots should be picked by hand and placed carefully in a harvesting basket. The harvesting basket and the hands of the harvester should be clean.
For the best quality dried product the apricots should be picked when they are 'eating ripe' (firm and sweet) rather than 'juicy ripe' (soft and sweet).

Damaged and bruised fruits have to be rejected as they produce low quality dried apricots. Under-ripe apricots have to be rejected as these produce a bland colourless product and do not absorb sufficient sulphur dioxide during sulphuring. Over-ripe apricots should be rejected as they absorb too much sulphur dioxide.
The apricots should be washed in clean water. If dried apricot halves are being produced, the apricots should be split into two and the kernels removed. The pits (or stones) are removed by running water through baskets full of the fruit and separating the flesh from the stone with either hands or feet. The pits are then cracked to obtain the kernel. The two halves should be separated. This produces a more attractive product than when the two halves are left connected. Their kernels can be either consumed or converted into cooking oil. Bitter pitted fruit can be fed to animals.

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