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Iran, the World's Largest Date Producer.
Date is usually grown in lands situated between 29-39 latitudes.
In the past few years, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Algeria, Sudan, Libya, Morocco and the United States have been the major date producers in the world. Iran, however, holds the lion's share, by producing 21 per cent of the global output.

Dates Keeping Quality

Slightly under ripe 'Delete Nor' dates will keep at 32°F (0°C) up to 10 months; fully mature, for 5 to 6 months. Freezing will extend the storage life for a much longer period. In India, sun-dried dates, buried in sand, have kept well for 1 1/2 years and then have been devoured by worms.
Pests and Diseases
Unripe fruits are attacked by Cockatrices daclyliperda which makes them fall prematurely. Ripe fruits are often infested by nitidulids—Carpophilus hemipterus, C. multilatus (C. dimidiatus), Urophorus humeralis, and Heptoncus luteolus, which cause decay. Control by insecticides is necessary to avoid serious losses. In Israel, the fruit clusters are covered with netting to protect them from such pests as Vespa orientalis, Cadra figulilella and Arenipes sabella as well as from depredations by lizards and birds.
In Pakistan, the red weevil, or Indian palm weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, bores into the leaf bases at the top of the trunk, causing the entire crown to wither and die. The rhinocereus beetle, or black palm beetle, Oryctes rhinocerus, occasionally attacks the date. Its feeding damage may provide entrance-ways for the weevil. Scale insects may infest the leaves and the trunk. They have been controlled by trimming off the heavily infested leaves, spraying the remaining ones, and treating the fire resistant trunk with a blowtorch. Two of the most destructive scales are the Marlatt scale, Phoenicoccus marlatti; which attacks the thick leaf bases, and the Parlatoria scale, Parlatoria blanchardii, which is active in summer. The latter was the object of an eradication campaign in California and Arizona in the late 1930's. The date mite scars the fruits while they are still green.
A tineid moth and a beetle, Lasioderma testacea, have damaged stored dates in the Punjab. Dates held in storage are subject to invasion by the fig-moth, Ephestia cautella, and the Indian meal-moth, Plodia interpunctella.
Fusarium albumins cause the disastrous Bayou, or Bayou, disease in Morocco and Algeria. It is evidenced by a progressive fading and wilting of the leaves. Over a 9-year study period of 26 resistant varieties in Morocco, Bayou disease reduced the planting density from 364 palms per acre (900/ha) to 121 to 142 per acre (300-350/ha). It is because of this disease that 'Midol' can no longer be grown commercially in Morocco and Algeria.
Decay of the inflorescence is caused by Manginiella scaeltae in humid seasons. Several brown stains will be seen on the unopened spathe and the pedicels of the opened cluster will be coated with white "down".
Palm leaf pustule, small, dark-brown or black cylindrical eruptions exoding yellow spores, resulting from infestation by the fungus Graphiola phoenicis, is widespread but often a serious problem in Egypt. Date palm decline may be physiological or the result of a species of the fungus genus Omphalia. Diplodia disease is a fungus manifestation on leafstalks and offshoots and it may kill the latter if not controlled.
The fungus caused condition called "black scorch" stunts, distorts and blackens leaves and adjacent inflorescences. Other fungus diseases include pinhead spot (Diderma effusum), gray blight (Pestalotia palmarum) and spongy white rot (Polyporus adustus). The date, as well as its relative, Phoenix canariensis Hort. ex Chaub., has shown susceptibility to lethal yellowing in Florida and Texas. No commercial plantings have been affected.

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Iranian Date

According to official figures, Iran produced 876 ,000 tones of date or 21 per cent of the global output in 1376 (1997). 400 unrivaled kinds of date in the world were produced from 203,000 palm groves in the country.
There is a pressing need for date producers to invest in modernizing packing facilities to leave their rivals far behind and maintain their leading spot in the world market.
Over 5,200 tones of date, worth 2.94 billion dollars, have been exported this year. But, if Iranian producers succeeded in satisfying the packing and hygienic requirements of the customers, date exports will swell 10-12 times in value.
To further boost this industry, it is essential to make extensive investments in the areas of packing, warehousing, employment of skilled workforce, supply of water to palm groves, raising the capacity of processing plants and the fight against pests.
Date producers should also live up to the international market requirements and promote quality through improved scientific methods.

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