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Date standards

In order to export, date producers in Iran must observe the following conditions which have been arranged by institute of standard & industrial research of Iran.

• Without live vermin

• Maximum verminous date: 7%

• Maximum other kinds and forms: 2%

• Maximum crushed and damaged date: 3%

• Maximum percent of unripe date: 2%

• Maximum color variation date: 3%

• Maximum external material: 6%

• Maximum black and dark head: 9%

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Iran Date provinces

Khuzestan Province
Khuzestan Province has concentrated processing and packaging industry mainly on its Sayer product, which is a semi-dried date. As far as production is concerned, this product falls in two packaging methods: Balak and Consumer Packaging.
Bulk Processing and Packaging Workshops of Sayer Date in Khuzestan: These workshops are 60 years old. This method was founded upon feasibility studies carried out by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and with the assistance of importing countries (England and USA) over half a century ago. The method made good progress in a way that before the outbreak of Iran-Iraq war the total output of these workshops amounted to 40-50 thousand tons per year. After the war and due to serious damages imposed on Abadan and Khorramshahr, where these workshops were mainly situated, coupled with the darkening of relations with the western countries (main consumers of dates), the processing and packaging industry suffered weaknesses and shortcomings. During recent years, post-war reconstruction policies revived these industries and some of them enjoy a good quality. It should be noted that these workshops mainly package Sayer stoneless dates in big cartons (above 10 kg) for export to Western countries, where they are used as raw material at foodstuff factories.
Consumer Packages Processing and Packaging Workshops of Sayer Date in Khuzestan: After the revolution a number of capital-intensive date processing and packaging units came to being in Khuzestan Province under state-run companies or using governmental subsidies. However, because of weak marketing and lack of sufficient feasibility studies the products of these units could not find their way into the world markets. As a matter of fact, to date, no opportunity has risen to make the best use of their capacities.

Bushehr Province
After the revolution, using governmental support, Bushehr Province, likewise, enjoyed the creation of a number of capital-intensive processing and packaging units for dates and the by-products. However, due to the aforementioned reasons cited for Khuzestan Province, these units failed to make great achievements.

Kerman Province
Before the victory of Islamic Revolution a processing and packaging unit was established for Mazafati date but could not reap the expected results for the already mentioned reasons. However, in recent years, the private sector pushed this industry forward and new date processing and packaging units were established one after another. It is hoped that these efforts will be profitable in the future.

The date palm is a perennial, the females of which normally begin to bear dates within an average five of years from the time of planting of the offshoot. mozafati date is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured


On a commercial scale, the Middle East are the major date palm producing areas in the world. organic fruit is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured. none chemical fruit is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured.
piarom is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured shahani date

date producer

kabkab date is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured date producer.
Look of this kind of dates is better than sayer date and have good taste
We pack them in 10 kg. cartons and we can use your brand name by using label on the blank cartons. zahedi date is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured
sayer is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured Iran date producer
shahani is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured.
sayer date is more popular.

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