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Long Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei)

This shape of pistachio is called as AHMAD AGHAEI, that is one of the LONG type. The most common character to identify this type is that the shape is long but the size of their lengths are different.
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Long Pistachio (Ahmad aghaee Pistachio): This is favorite for eastern Asia people.
Available in sizes 22-24, 24-26
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Iran's pistachio is one of the best pistachios in the world Compatibility of Pistachio The pistachio kernel contains many food staffs.

Different Kind of Pistachio
In the markets all over the world in accordance to the external shape of the pistachio it divided to four major groups:
Round pistachio (Fandoghi)
Jumbo pistachio (Kalleqouchi)
Long pistachio (Akbari)
Long pistachio (Ahmadaghaee)
Long pistachio (Badami)
Natural in shell or closed

Iran provided evidence that large volumes of Iranian pistachio nuts. Iranian pistachio nuts to enter the country undetected
The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, with the help of Iranian pistachio growers
largest markets for pistachio nuts

How could Iran pistachio growers compete with this reduced price set by the Iranian exporters?
Persian pistachio nuts created unfair competition for Iran pistachio exporters
If pistachio exports came from Greece and Italy.

Iran could have been pistachios from Southern European pistachio growers Pistachio nuts originally came from the Holy Lands of the Middle East
The pistachio made its way over to the Iran.

Our company producing and exporting organic & conventional dry food like "dried fruits, dried and dehydrated vegetables, dried foods, nuts.

Cultivation and uses
Pistachio nuts in the shell and out of it. The kernels are eaten whole, either fresh or roasted and salted, and are also used in ice cream and confections such as baklava.

The shell of the pistachio is naturally a beige colour, but it is sometimes dyed red in commercial pistachios . Originally the red dye was applied by importers to hide stains on the shells caused when the nuts were picked by hand. However most pistachios are now picked by machine and the shells remain unstained, making dyeing unnecessary (except that some consumers have been led to expect red pistachios). Roasted pistachio nuts turn naturally red if they are marinated before in a salt and lemon marinade, or salt and citrus salts.

The trees are planted in orchards, and take approximately seven to ten years to reach significant production. Production is alternate bearing or biennial bearing, meaning the harvest is heavier in alternate years. Peak production is reached at approximately 20 years. Trees are usually pruned to size to make the harvest easier. One male tree produces enough pollen for eight to twelve nut-bearing females. Pistachio orchards can be damaged by the fungal disease Botryosphaeria panicle and shoot blight, which kills the flowers and young shoots.

Almost all Iran pistachios are of the cultivar 'Kerman'. The tree is grafted to a rootstock when the rootstock is one year old.

Some useful information about pistachio

There are about ten different kinds and sizes of pistachios
These include JUMBO, ROUND, KERNEL, LONG types
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