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Natural Kernel

These are prepared from closed mouth Pistachio prior to shipment, therefore have a very fresh flavor.

Natural Kernel Pistachio
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Natural Pistachio kernel (red and cream color): It is prepared from closed pistachio.
natural kernel pistachio
Green kernel Pistachio: This is used as a spice in ice cream, cookies and a little green color adds to this type.
green kernel pistachio

Skinned Kernels
Skinned Kernels. ( Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel = GPPK)
This is a natural produce with an extra ordinary green color. Used in ice cream, cookies, sausages, etc.
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There are about ten different kinds and sizes of pistachios
These include JUMBO, ROUND, KERNEL, LONG types
Iran's pistachio harvest
pistachio exports (in-shell basis) for marketing
U.S. pistachio exports.
best quality pistachio of Iran
classifies pistachio and presents it to domestic and international markets
exporting Iran's pistachio to different foreign countries
Pistachio is a creditable company in producing and exporting the best quality pistachio of Iran.
Pistachios of Iran

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