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Pistachio standards

Total aphlatoxin poison
adapt to importer country law

Note: In addition to the above conditions, processed pistachios must have the fallowing characteristics:

• Maximum salt in salted pistachios: 3%

• Maximum moisture in roasted pistachios: 2%

• Maximum burnt in roasted pistachios: 1%

Commercial packing Pistachio packs are available in 20 kg cartons or bulk in 50 kg sacks.

Small packing
Pistachio packages are available in 250g. to 2kg packs.

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Long Pistachio (Badami)

This shape of Pistachio is called as BADAMI, that is one of the LONG type. The most common character to identify this type is that their shape is reedy and is shorter than ahmad aghaei.

Long (Badami): The shape of it's kernel is similar to the almond.
Available in sizes 24-26, 26-28, 28-30
Iran Pistachio, long badami pistachio

description of pistachio available:
1. raw pistachio kale ghoochi size 20-22 50KG sack raw pistachio kale ghoochi size 22-24 50KG sack raw pistachio kale goochi size 24-26 50KG sack
2. raw pistachio Akbari size 20 22 50KG sack raw pistachio Akbari size 22-24 50KG sack
3. raw pistachio Ahmad aghaee size 26-28 50KG sack
4. raw pistachio Fandoghi

Long Pistachio (Akbari, Ahmadaghaei, Badami) type available:
* Natural open
* closed
* Mechanically opened
* roasted
* roasted & salted
* Roasted & Salted with added lime

Iran Pistachio
Iran Pistachio Round (Fandoghi)
Iran Pistachio Long (Akbari)
Iran Pistachio Long (Ahmad Aghaei)
Iran Pistachio Long (Badami)
Iran Pistachio Jumbo (Kalleh Ghochi)
Iran Pistachio Natural Kernel (Unpeeled)
Iran Pistachio Natural Kernel ( Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel = GPPK)

Some useful information about pistachio

There are about ten different kinds and sizes of pistachios
These include JUMBO, ROUND, KERNEL, LONG types
Iran's pistachio harvest
pistachio exports (in-shell basis) for marketing
U.S. pistachio exports.
best quality pistachio of Iran
classifies pistachio and presents it to domestic and international markets
exporting Iran's pistachio to different foreign countries
Pistachio is a creditable company in producing and exporting the best quality pistachio of Iran.
Pistachios of Iran

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Iran long ahmad aghaee pistachio
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Iran's pistachio is one of the best pistachios in the world
Compatibility of Pistachio
The pistachio kernel contains many food staffs
Different Kind of Pistachio
In the markets all over the world in accordance to the external shape
of the pistachio it divided to four major groups:
Round pistachio (Fandoghi).
Jumbo pistachio (Kalleqouchi).
Long pistachio (Akbari, Ahmadaghaee, Badami).
Natural in shell or closed.
Pistachio is incomparable among other dried nuts
Pistachio is the core of dried nuts
most important of Pistachio grower and trader
Pistachio - Pistacia vera
The cultivated pistachio, Pistacia vera
The pistachio industry is reminiscent
pistachio tree growing in areas
Pistachio kernel contains a variety of vitamins
pistachio kernel is said t0 be around 600 calorie units
pistachio planters use the shell for fostering pistachio trees
pistachio kernel engulfed in its hard shell go trough a cycle
the best quality pistachio.
pistachio plantations has placed Iran
As number one pistachio producer country Iran
exporting pistachio slices
All in all, the pistachio crop brings
pistachio nut shells some pistachio nut shells into one plate
Pistachio nuts were first "discovered" in the Middle East
Persian pistachios are perfect
Everyone who studies pistachio knows
Persian pistachio producers
The pistachio was first cultivated
dried pistachio leaves
PISTACHIO IRAN and Pistachio Trade
The US provided evidence that large volumes of Iranian pistachio nuts
Iranian pistachio nuts to enter the country undetected
The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, with the help of US pistachio growers
largest markets for pistachio nuts
How could US pistachio growers compete with this reduced price set by the Iranian exporters?
Persian pistachio nuts created unfair competition for US pistachio exporters
If pistachio exports came from Greece and Italy
Iran could have been pistachios from Southern European pistachio growers
Pistachio nuts originally came from the Holy Lands of the Middle East
The pistachio made its way over to the US
pistachio production began in America
pistachio producer to compete domestically and internationally with producers around the world
Pistachio nuts are grown around the world, specifically in Greece, Italy, Syria, Turkey, Iran and the US
Iranian pistachio nuts on the world market, creating new opportunities for US growers
crippling ban reduced the volume of Iranian pistachio exports drastically.
crippling ban reduced the volume of Iranian pistachio exports drastically.
Even though the pistachio nuts entered Israel through Europe, the fact of the matter remained that the pistachio nuts were originally from Iran
The Pistachio case had an indirect impact on US trade
Iran and the United States are the two largest growers of pistachio nuts in the world
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