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Iran Raisin

In order to export, raisin producers in Iran must observe the following conditions which have been arranged by institute of standard and industrial research of Iran.

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Iran Raisin

We also can supply raisin that produce in Iran as following.

Dark Raisin: This kind is prepared by drying in full sun and the color of this raisin is dark.
dark raisin
Golden Raisin: This kind is oven dried and then sulfur is added in order to saving it's color.
golden raisin
Sultana Raisin: This kind is brown and more popular than other.
sultana raisin
Green Raisin: This kind is green in nature but sulfur is added in order to having bright color.
green raisin

In Iran Raisin colors vary by their drying process. For example, a dark purplish black raisin or black Raisin is sun-dried. A light to medium brown raisins or sultana Raisin is dried under the shade. A golden to bright yellow raisins is dried under shade and is also treated with sulfur dioxide to retain color and is called Golden Raisin or Golden Bleached Raisins. Green Raisin is green in nature but if sulfur is added the color will have a yellowish green color to it.

We are state-owend synthetic foreign trade enterprise which is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Economics and Trade. It owns the independent legal position and enjoys the privilege to handel frontier trade import and export business. There are 18 industrial producing bases besides 19 agricultural and husbandry producing bases. cotton, tomato paste, safflower, green raisin, cummin seeds, cereals & oils, dry fruits and fresh fruits, hops, licorice extracts, pilose antler, leather clothes, cotton and woolen textiles enjoy great prestige both at home and abord.
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Technical Abstract: Iron bioavailabilities and antioxidant activities of three common generic raisin types, Golden Thompson, Dipped Thompson and Sun dried Thompson, were quantified and compared. Iron bioavailability was assessed with an in vitro digestion/Caco2 cell culture model using cell ferritin formation as an index of iron bioavailability. Antioxidant activity was determined using the Total Oxyradical Scavenging Capacity (TOSC) assay. Ferritin formation in Caco 2 cells was low for all three types, indicating low iron bioavailability and high levels of iron absorption inhibitors in raisins. The lower antioxidant activities of the latter two suggest that enzymatic browning negatively affects antioxidant activity. Antioxidant activity was significantly higher in Golden Thompson than Dipped Thompson and Sun dried Thompson.

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