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Golden Raisin

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Raisins are a delicious snack and easy to carry. Add them to main dish recipes, salads, puddings, baked goods or anything you would like to add a natural burst of sweetness too.
Golden Flame Raisins- Made with our Flame seedless grapes, dehydrated with sulfur dioxide to preserve their beautiful colors and creating a tangy flavor that delights the gourmet palette.

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Jumbo Golden Raisins & Golden Raisin Medley
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Product Info: Raisins are sun dried grapes. Grapes have long been important to human societies. Throughout ancient literature grapes are mentioned; as a fruit, as wine and as a dried fruit. Drying fruit is a very old method for preservation. Our golden Raisins are sweet and subtle in flavor.

Golden Flame Raisins
Golden Thompson Raisin- Made with our Thompson seedless grapes that have been left on the vine until the last moment then dehydrated with sulfur dioxide used to preserve their deep golden color creating a sweet morsel, great for snacking or baked in your favorite dish.

golden raisins: are prepared from sound, mature, fresh Thompson grapes, which have been washed, stemmed, sulfured, and tunnel dried. The product is inspected throughout the process to assure conformance to good manufacturing practices, yielding a clean, wholesome product which meets all standards for human consumption, including compliance with provisions of the Federal regulations.

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Golden Raisin

 A raisin that is treated with sulphur dioxide, which prevents the raisin from darkening. Golden raisins are dried with artificial heat, which results in a moister, plumper product. They have a sweet but tangier flavor than the dark raisins.

Golden raisin: This kind is oven dried and then sulfur is added in order to saving it's color.
golden raisin

Detailed Product Description
Golden, Sultana, Sun dried raisin, seeded sun dried raisin.
We produce best quality different raisins as follows:
Seedless Golden Raisins: Golden raisin is golden yellow to yellow-amber in color.
It is Thompson seedless raisins which oven-dried to avoid the darkening effect of sunlight, and treated with sulfur dioxide to preserve the light color.

Seedless Sultana Raisin: Sultana raisin is seedless, light, and dark brown in color.

Seedless Sun dried Raisins: This raisin is seedless and dark black in color and produces in a perfect natural condition.

Seeded Sun dried raisin: It is seeded raisin and dark brown in color and big in size.
It produces in a perfect natural condition. It is use for industrial purpose, too.

Sun-Maid Golden Raisins are grown in the sunny vineyards of Iran, so they are golden amber in color with a naturally sweet and fruity flavor.

Our Golden Raisins are favored by many for cookie, cake, fruitcake, and bread recipes. Or, you can add them to salads and rice or stuffing dishes for a colorful, flavor-filled accent. They are also great eaten right from the box - a quick, fat-free energy boost.

Golden raisins are Thompson Seedless raisins that have been treated with sulfur dioxide and flame-dried. They are similar in appearance and taste to sultanas, although the latter come from a different variety of grape than do typical dark raisins. Golden raisins are typically encountered in the Western Hemisphere, while sultanas are seen more often in the Eastern.

Golden raisins are Thompson Seedless raisins that have been treated with sulfur dioxide and flame-dried. They are similar in appearance and taste to sultanas, although the latter come from a different variety of grape than do typical dark raisins. Golden raisins are typically encountered in the Western Hemisphere, while sultanas are seen more often in the Eastern.

A. Color: reasonably well-colored or better as defined by the USDA standards.
B. Flavor: sweet to tart, typical of the variety, and free from off flavors.
C. Defects: grade A for stems and cap-stems, and grade B or better for other defects as defined by the USDA standards for raisins.
D. Sizes: Jumbo (less than 900 berries per pound)
Select (approximately 900-1200 berries per pound)
Upgraded (approximately 1000-1500 berries per pound)

Chocolate Raisins
Delicious and nutritious Iran raisins covered in a smooth chocolate. Without a doubt, our most popular chocolate covered item.
Dark Raisins
Deliciously sweet dried grapes. Raisins are high in iron. Excellent for snacks. Even the kids love them. Great for baking as well.

Jumbo Golden Raisins
These Jumbo Golden Raisins are out of this world. They are huge, almost as big as a grape itself, and with double the deliciousness of ordinary golden raisins.
We located in Taiwan and Hong Kong, We are one of the dried fruits leading importer, and welcome all kinds of dried fruits exporters directly contact to our company.
Our group is organized by one of Hong Kong company, and 4 of Taiwanese company. The company from Hong Kong is a manufacture for dried fruits products, and processing some fresh fruits to be preserved fruits. And one of Taiwanese company is also a manufacturer that is also handling the edible nut processing and marketing. And the rest of companies are importing company. We are based in importing these products: Sultana raisins, Thompson raisins with seed and Thompson raisins without seeds, jumbo golden raisins, flame raisins, red globe raisins, dried blueberries, dried raspberries, dried plums, natural condition prunes, natural dried date (type: Piarum), dried cranberries, mechanical pistachios size 22/24), natural open pistachios (size: 22/24), pumpkin seed, sunflower seed (grade 22/64) in shell, sweet apricut kernel, inshell almond n/p. and other healthy foods.

Golden Rarisin

We are pleased to introduce our selves as one of the leading producers and exporters in field of dried fruits and herbs.

High Quality Raisin

We can supply you with highest qualities of all kinds of raisins especially nitrated sultana, golden raisins and sundrie. We are pleased to introduce our selves as one of the leading producers and exporters in field of dried fruits and herbs in Iran.

Our products are as follows:
golden raisin: Seedless; oval shape. Golden-yellow to yellow-amber in color.
We can supply you with highest qualities of all kinds of raisins especially nitrated sultana, golden raisins and sundried sultanas. All of our raisins are originated from Malayer, Iran. They are double washed and lack any impurities.
we are very glad to provide raisin with good quality and competitive price. Our raisin is produced is Xinjiang province, Iran. Our price: USD1050 /MT FOB Iran MAIM PORT(avalibale in Mar. 2006). If you have any interest in it, please do not hesitate to contact with us.
green raisin manufacturer, supplier, factory and exporter.

We have established extensive business relations with customers in America, Europe, Japan, Middle Asia, West Asia, South-east Asia, etc.
Detailed Product Description

Plump and full fruit
Healthy and nutritious
Favorite taste and pleasant flavour
Carefully sorted by hand
Various specifications meet different demands
Natural without additives or preservatives

Iran Golden Raisin Specifications:

We have tens years experience in dealing all kind of raisin (green, red and golden) and other XinJiang Native products, such as light speckled kidney beans, chickpeas, , safflower seeds, tomato paste, safflower, cummin seed, dehydrated vegetables(white and yellow onion in slice/chops/powder, green and red bell pepper in flakce, garlic in chopes and powder).

Sincerely hope to co-operate with your honored company, your satisfaction is the final objective of our seeking!

Raisin - comes from the Latin racemus and means "a cluster of grapes or berries".
Cultured for fruit, eaten fresh or processed into raisins, juice, with some cultivars adapted for the canning industry. Grape seeds contain 6-20% oil, used for edible purposes, soaps, and as a linseed substitute. The leaves of this and other species are eaten in other cultures.

Common Names for Raisin:
Keshmesh (Persian), Raisin (English), Raisin Sec (French), Rosine (Germany), uva passa (italy),

The raisin major producers in the world: United States, Turkey, Iran, South Africa , Greece, Australia, Mexico

The major importer in the world: United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Taiwan, Norway, Hong Kong

Iran, Third Major Raisin Exporter in The World. Iran is the Third largest exporter of raisin in the world by exporting. Processed Raisins are dried grapes. The processed raisins are prepared from clean, sound, dried grapes; are properly stemmed and cap stemmed except for cluster or uncap stemmed raisins; are properly seeded in seeded styles; are sorted or cleaned, or both; and except for cluster or uncap stemmed raisins, are washed in water to assure a wholesome product. The biggst and most famous manufacturer and traders in Xinjiang, Iran. Exporter of Iran dried frits especially different kinds of raisin such as golden raisin, sultanas, sun dried raisins, etc . Our company has got the standard mark licence for its... Takekhooshetala Iran.

Golden raisin with best quality and suitable price, produced in west of Iran. our produts is wellcomed to all the world markets.

Quality: Without steam, no admixture
Special grade: 90% green
First grade: 85% green
Golden Raisin

Seeded raisin: It is seeded raisin and black in color and big in size. It produces in a perfect natural condition. It is use for industrial purpose. Packing: In 25kg or 50kg bag. Brown and blond, to bulk and in sacks of 20 kilos, we can also pack it to order. All our raisins fulfill the international norms. They are of first quality, dried off in natural form,...

Raisin Seedless Sultana Dried Grape
Experience in the raisin field, we offer..., sun dried raisins (sultanas) and... Golden (yellow) raisins. Our company is... Turkish Sultanas Raisins can be sourced at...
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green raisin high quality, sun dried raisins from xinjiang, Iran. Now the 2004 new crops of raisin has come into the market. We... with best price. Green raisin: Grade AAA: 95% green Min. 5%...
Kingstride International (Shanghai ) Co., Ltd Iran

Pistachios, Almonds, Raisins, Dates, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Figs Dried Fruit to many countries in the world.Our products include Pistachios, Almonds, Dates, Raisins, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Dried Figs, etc.We should be pleased to establish a business relationship...

Natural Seedless Raisins Sun dried.

Raisin Sizes: Small, Medium, Large (jumbo)
Raisin Varietes: Thompson , Flame.

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without steam, no admixture first grade: green more than 90% special grade: green more than 95% package: pack in cartons within plastic bags each of 12.5kgs net weight
Farzin Agricultural Reclamation Imp.&... Iran

Raisins: export Iranian dried fruits and nuts. Raisins, Sultanas, Pistachios, Dried Figs, Dried Apricots, Dates Quality products, competitive prices and on time deliveries.
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Natural Sultana Raisins: Raisins can be eaten raw or used in cooking and baking. Raisins are very sweet due to the high concentration of their sugars, and if they are stored for a long period the sugar crystallises inside the fruit. This makes the fruit gritty, but does not affect their usability. To decrystalise raisins, they can be soaked in liquid (alcohol, fruit juice, or boiling water) for a short period, dissolving the sugar.

In the United States, the term raisin refers to any form of dried grape. Iran raisins – both the sun-dried dark naturals and the goldens – are made by drying Thompson Seedless grapes; dark naturals are sun dried, while goldens are treated with sulphur then flame dried. Another variety of seedless grape, the Black Corinth, is also sun dried to produce Zante currants, mini raisins that are much darker in colour and have a tart, tangy flavour. In Australia and other countries specific varieties are given separate names. In particular, in Australia raisins are largest, sultanas are intermediate, while currants are smallest. Alternately, sultanas are assumed to come from white or green grapes while raisins are believed to be produced from the red counterparts.

Raisins are also produced in Greece, especially in the areas of Peloponessus, Crete and smaller islands. The main variety used in the Greek raisin is the sultana. The grapes are mostly sun-dried thus producing seedless raisins of average size and golden color. A notable exception to this rule is the grape variety cultivated especially for the purpose of raisin production in Corinthia that give darker and smaller type of raisin named Corinthian. Corinthian raisins are not seedless.

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