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Iran Raisin Export


The knights and raisins

For all their popularity, though, raisins were not exported to the rest of Europe. Shipping methods were too poor to maintain the quality of the raisins for long travel.
All of that changed in the 11th century. Knights returning from the crusades brought raisins back to Europe with them. They had sampled the dried fruit during their travels through the Mediterranean and Persia.
When the knights went home and began to crave raisins, a huge demand was created. Fortunately, packing and shipping techniques had improved enough for raisins to be sent all over Northern Europe.
By the middle of the 14th century, currants and raisins were an important part of English cuisine. In 1374, prices in England skyrocketed to two pence and three farthings per pound, which was very expensive at that time.
After a period of time, viticulture spread to France and Germany. Even the English tried to grow currants in the 16th century - but realized their climate was too cold for drying raisins.
Grapes and raisins had become an important part of European cuisine by the time European nations started to colonize the Americas. In Spain, where viticulture had been perfected, grapes were being used to make products such as dry table wine, sweet dessert wines and muscat raisins. It was only natural that when the conquistadors colonized Mexico, wine and raisins were soon to follow.

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Iran raisin export

We produce best quality different raisins as follows:
Seedless Sultana Raisin: Sultana raisin is seedless, light, and dark brown in color.
Seedless Golden Raisins: Golden raisin is golden yellow to yellow-amber in color.
It is Thompson seedless raisins which oven-dried to avoid the darkening effect of sunlight, and treated with sulfur dioxide to preserve the light color.
Seedless Sun dried Raisins: This raisin is seedless and dark black in color and produces in a perfect natural condition.
We supply and export Golden raisins
Iranian sultanas raisins. 
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Laser sorted, produced in haccp and ISO approved plant.
Seeded Sun dried raisin: It is seeded raisin and dark brown in color and big in size.
It produces in a perfect natural condition. It is use for industrial purpose, too.
Packing: For golden and sultana and sun dried raisins In 5kg, 10kg and 12.5kg, Shrink packs carton and for seeded sun dried raisin in 25kg bag.
Capacity is 350 to 400 tons monthly in season time.

Quality: LASER SORTED with or without sulfur.
* packed in 10 kg cartons.
* cutomer's own labelling
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Sultanas are grapes which have been dried. Sultanas are free of fat and cholesterol and are very low in sodium. Although many factors affect the development of cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure, eating a diet low in fat and sodium and rich in fruits and vegetables, including sultanas, may reduce the risk of these diseases.
Any type of seedless sultana can be used in sultanas recipes. Grapes with seeds are rarely dried into sultanas.

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