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Dried Walnut

Suppliers and exporters of walnut nuts, walnut and walnut in shell that finds application in ice creams and sweets manufacturing.

Importing walnut, nuts, cashew nut, dry grapes, figs and other dry fruits.

Originating from Iran, exclusively produced in Iran and perfectly organic by growth of small bitter walnuts trees out of man’s hand, without any fertilizer, free from pesticide and herbicide and any chemical residue, the growth region is in Mountains Where located in Iran, using of this commodity instead of usual bitter walnut is increasing in all industries such as Food, cosmetic, chemical,… due to its organic quality and attractive price. Small bitter walnut Kernels are 100% bitter kernels.

Walnut Kernels: Manufacturer/ Exporter Quality: top quality
Inner packing: Vacuum bag
Outer packing: Carton, woven bag or according to customers' requirements

Walnut Kernels: Manufacturer/Exporter
* Light halves
* Light quarters
* Light pieces
* Light amber halves
* Light amber quarters
* Light amber pieces
* Amber pieces
Importer and distributor of walnuts, walnuts and other nuts.

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Walnut Production Management

Within its natural range, black walnut grows well only on high- quality sites. Such sites are also attractive for growing row crops. However, there are cases where black walnut is preferable to row-crops because of small field size or difficulties with cultivation. You may be able to plant such parcels to black walnut trees without taking acreage away from current row crop production.
Poor sites have characteristics which will stress black walnut trees. These characteristics include insufficient moisture, too much moisture, harsh conditions from steep slope, hard pans and shallow soils with bedrock or gravel that restrict root growth. Unfortunately, you cannot improve a poor site.
To grow black walnut profitably, plant on suitable soils. Choose well-drained, loamy soils with a pH between 5 and 8. Generally, smooth and gently rolling landscapes offer the best sites.
Study sites carefully for proper soil texture and drainage, since these are often the more limiting factors. In mountainous terrains, middle to lower north- and east-facing slopes as well as stream terraces and floodplains often make adequate walnut sites. Table 1 lists site considerations for black walnut.

Table 1. Site selection for black walnut.

Consideration Suggestion Comments
Soil type Well-drained loamy soils Avoid acidic clay subsoils
Soil depth Greater than feet Avoid shallow, eroded, or frangipani soils
Aspect North- or east-facing Lower slopes, stream terraces, or coves
pH 5 to 8 Avoid acidic clay subsoil’s

Think about possible future difficulties when choosing a black walnut site. For example, sites with acceptable soil and other growth requirements may be poor sites because of tree harvesting obstacles.

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