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Dried Walnut

Suppliers and exporters of walnut nuts, walnut and walnut in shell that finds application in ice creams and sweets manufacturing.

Importing walnut, nuts, cashew nut, dry grapes, figs and other dry fruits.

Originating from Iran, exclusively produced in Iran and perfectly organic by growth of small bitter walnuts trees out of man’s hand, without any fertilizer, free from pesticide and herbicide and any chemical residue, the growth region is in Mountains Where located in Iran, using of this commodity instead of usual bitter walnut is increasing in all industries such as Food, cosmetic, chemical,… due to its organic quality and attractive price. Small bitter walnut Kernels are 100% bitter kernels.

Walnut Kernels: Manufacturer/ Exporter Quality: top quality
Inner packing: Vacuum bag
Outer packing: Carton, woven bag or according to customers' requirements

Walnut Kernels: Manufacturer/Exporter
* Light halves
* Light quarters
* Light pieces
* Light amber halves
* Light amber quarters
* Light amber pieces
* Amber pieces
Importer and distributor of walnuts, walnuts and other nuts.

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Iran Walnut

Value of walnut
100 grams of walnut kernel has about 650 calories and contains about, 64% fat, 16% carbohydrates, 14%protein.

Irange of walnut
Walnut is consumed fresh, roasted, or salted, it is used in confectioneries, pastries, and for flavoring. The shells may be used for the preparation of activated carbon.

Iranian walnut kernel with attention to the size, fat contain, color and being halve to equal part divides in to three grades.

We provide the highest quality Iranian-grown walnuts and carry a complete inventory of shelled walnuts from walnut halves to walnut meal, as well inshell walnuts. They are available in one, two and five pound bags, as well as twenty-five pound cases for shelled walnuts and fifty pound sacks for inshell walnuts.

Mixed Nuts

Our mixed nuts include walnuts, pecans, cashews, brazils, & filberts. They are fresh roasted and are available in pound and half pound bags...

Mixed Dried Fruit

Our mixed dried fruits include nectarines, peaches, pears, apricots, and apples. They are available in one- half, one, two and five pound bags.

Walnut exports forecasted is 15,000 tons. The figure is more than the previous year. Major export destinations, besides the Iran. Most plantations are of seedling origin and are in scattered form, which produce nuts of variable quality.
The improvement work in walnut has taken place mostly through selection.

Persian walnut is one of the most important nut crops grown in temperate regions and produces edible nuts having high nutritional value. In India, there are no systematic orchards of walnut containing standard cultivars; walnut trees grown are mainly raised from seeds and exhibit a tremendous variability in tree, foliage and floral characters.
Comparison of some promising Iranian walnut clones and foreign varieties.

Fresh walnuts are simply walnuts that have been recently picked from the tree, as opposed to walnuts that have been stored for a while, causing their insides to shrivel and dry up. Fresh walnuts are a bit more difficult to break open, because their outer shell is still a little yielding, not yet rock-hard, and it doesn't shatter as cleanly as that of a dried walnut. When you open it, you find that the brain-shaped flesh takes up the whole space, and there are traces of a slightly sticky sap. The walnut inside is much moister than a dried walnut, its thin skin peels off easily, and its taste is more subtle, less woody: fresh walnuts taste grassy and alive, holding but the promise of the familiar walnut bitterness that will develop later.

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