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Iran is the third largest producer of raisins / raisin in the world after the United States and Turkey with more than 140,000 MT annually. Raisins are cholesterol-free, low in sodium and totally fat-free. They provide many necessary vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium and certain B vitamins.
Raisins are a good source of fiber and are rich in antioxidants. Iranian Sultana raisins are famous for it's taste and quality in the world.

Pistachio & Kernel: Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iranian pistachios & kernel There are three different types. Round pistachio, long pistachio, kernel pistachio, jumbo pistachio, roasted and salted pistachio.
Natural Kernel Pistachio: Iran (Islamic Republic of) Natural kernel pistachio green color and 5% broken kernel.
Iran Pistachio: Iran (Islamic Republic of) We have been supplying the demands of the best quality.
Iranian Pistachios: Iran (Islamic Republic of) It is our great pleasure to inform you of our ability to supplied apricot importer Iran apricot wholesaler.
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 Apricot fruit
Apricot: Iranian apricots are nearly round with a depression at the top where the stem attached. They have a vertical indentation that starts at the stem and goes down one side. The skin is yellow-orange to pink-orange and feels soft and smooth. Apricots can be similar in appearance to peaches and nectarines, but those fruits usually have a reddish coloring to their skins. Apricots can also be confused with persimmons, but persimmons have shinier skin.

Which City or Province Grow: Shahroud + Tabriz + Oroumeiyeh

Apricot treeHarvest Season: Summer

Apricot Tree: Apricot trees range in size from 1 to 2.5 meter high.

Apricot Leaves: Apricot leaves are triangular to nearly round in shape and dark green in color with toothed margins and palmate venation.


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Pistachio has four types

Long pistachio includes akbari badami ahmadaghaee
Round pistachio includes fandoghi
Jumbo pistachio includes kaleghoghi
akbari pistachio belong to long type Iranian pistachio
ahmad aghaee pistachio belong to long type Iranian pistachio

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Jumbo pistachio includes kaleghoghi
akbari pistachio belong to long type Iranian pistachio
ahmad aghaee pistachio belong to long type Iranian pistachio
badami pistachio belong to long type Iranian pistachio
kaleghoghi pistachio belong to jumbo type Iranian pistachio
fandoghi pistachio belong to round type Iranian pistachio
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