Dried Fruit (Pistachio, Saffron, Dried Fig, Walnut)

Round pistachio fandoghi pistachio supplier from Iran. Persian pistachio manufacturer and farmer. Iran pistachio wholesale and some ote fruits such as saffron exporter. Iran investment law exporter importer sayer date is one of the Iran date kinds that manufactured kabkab is one of the Iran date kinds that supply too. Mozafati date, zahedi date, kabkab dateare 3 best Persian date. Dried Figs and Dried Fruit Products are very suitable for health.
Iran export importer of fig paste fig dried fig 101 is Iran fig produced organicdriedfruit.ir. Organic dried fruit exporting from Iran.to the world. Organic raisin and Date supplier with compatitive price and best quality. All date and raisin kinds with organic quality and sundried. Zahedi kabkab mozafati date with compatitive price list . Dried fruits manufacturing in kerman bam and zahedan. Dried fruit for export from middeast, transfer by shipping. Saffron almond date pistachio raisin.
Iran pistachio exporter Dried Fruits: Dried fruit is fruit that has been dried. Supply the best of dried fruits and nuts from Iran such as apricot almond walnut pistachio fig saffron raisin date in shell or unshelled (kernel nut).

Naturel Dried Apricot Producer & Exporter in Persia

pistachio kernel exporter Company is exporter of Iranian pistachio, dried fruits and nuts. Iranian supplier of dried fruit like saffron date almond apricot walnut pistachio. Iran dried fruit is best quality of Persian dried fruits. Exporter of Iranian green kernel pistachio and also best quality dried fig walnut from Iran. Pistachio kernel import roasted salted pistachio kernel.
Roasted Unsalted Pistachio in Shell Pistachio: Iran (Islamic Republic of) We wanted to inform you that we can export pistachio. Iran is the third largest producer of raisins / sun dried raisin in the world after the United States and Turkey with more than 140,000 MT annually.
Raisins are cholesterol-free, low in sodium and totally fat-free. They provide many necessary vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium and certain B vitamins. Raisins are a good source of fiber and are rich in antioxidants. Iranian Sultana raisins sun dried raisin dark raisin and black raisin are famous for it's taste and quality in the world.


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Peach: Iranian peaches can be red, pink, yellow, or a combination of those colors. On one side of the fruit is a distinctive vertical indentation. Peaches and nectarines look very similar, but they can be told apart by their skin texture: peaches are fuzzy and dull, while nectarines are smooth and shiny.

Which City or Province Grow: Caspian sea cost north of Iran + east & west Azerbaijan (north west) + Mashhad.

Harvest Season: Summer.

Peach treePeach Tree: The peach tree is a small stature, short-lived tree, only reaching about 2meter in height and living for about 12 years. Most varieties are self-pollinating, therefore only one tree will need to be planted to obtain fruit.


Peach leavesPeach Leaves: Peach tree leaves are simple, long (7.5 to 15 CM), fold distinctly inward, and curve downward. The leaves and buds of peach trees look similar to nectarines.

The margins of the leaf are finely toothed.


Supplier of Indian cooking spices, ground spices and whole spices like chilli powder, cinnamon, dried mango peel, dried amla, dried ginger, pomegranate seeds saffron, tamarind and turmeric powder. Also offers pure medicinal plants and medicinal herbs.
Manufacturers and exporters of indian spices like turmeric, coriander, chili, mint, cumin seeds, meat masala, curry powder, garam masala, kasoori methi, ginger powder, chicken masala, chana masala, sindhi biryani masala and pure kashmiri saffron.



Manufacturer and exporter of kashmiri kesar, pure kesar, yellow saffron, kashmir saffron, Indian saffron, saffron spice , medicinal saffron and saffron herbs. Also export golden leaves, silver leaves used for decorating cuisines, decorating desserts.
Manufacturer and supplier of pooja samagri like white camphor, camphor balls, camphor tablets, camphor slabs, smokeless camphor, yellow saffron and Indian saffron. Also supply mercuric salts, ammonium chloride bars and iso borneol flakes.
Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of food flavor and dye in liquid and powder form such as vanilla, strawberry, saffron, raspberry, rose and pineapple flavour.

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