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Black Walnuts: Black Walnuts have a rich nutty flavor and are primarily harvested in Missouri. This large fancy nut is mainly used in ice creams and baking because of its delicious, potent flavor.
They are then sorted by electronic, color sorting machines which separate dark walnuts from light. The shelled walnuts are then packaged. It takes approximately two and one half pounds of walnuts to obtain one pound of kernels.
Jumbo Golden Raisins: These Jumbo Golden Raisins are out of this world.
Dark Raisins: Deliciously sweet dried grapes. Raisins are high in iron. Excellent for snacks. Even the kids love them. Great for baking as well.

Sargol Persian Saffron Dasteh Persian Saffron (Bunch)

Roasted Walnuts (Unsalted): These Iran walnut halves and pieces are roasted to perfection. They make a tasty snack for those on salt-free diets. Packed with protein. Persian Saffron - Iranian Saffrons Categories.
Jumbo Golden Raisins: These Jumbo Golden Raisins are out of this world. They are huge, almost as big as a grape itself, and with double the deliciousness of ordinary golden raisins.
Raisins: These jumbo raisins could be the best tasting raisins. Crimson raisins have a similar taste to golden raisins, but a little sweeter. Delicious in taste and beautiful in color. We promise you will be blown away with the vibrant color, taste and size of these raisins. almond brazil cashew coconut hazelnut macadamia peanut pecan pinenut pistachio walnut.
Raw Almonds (No Shell):
All natural, raw almonds, supreme size, high in protein, calcium and zinc.