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Saffron Sargol saffron all red saffron pushal saffron mancha saffron bunches saffron export Iranian golden raisin export.
Iran is the third largest producer of raisins / raisin in the world after the United States and Turkey with more than 140,000 MT annually. Raisins are cholesterol-free, low in sodium and totally fat-free. They provide many necessary vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium and certain B vitamins.
Raisins are a good source of fiber and are rich in antioxidants. Iranian Sultana raisins are famous for it's taste and quality in the world.

Pistachio & Kernel: Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iranian pistachios & kernel There are three different types. Round pistachio, long pistachio, kernel pistachio, jumbo pistachio, roasted and salted pistachio.
Natural Kernel Pistachio: Iran (Islamic Republic of) Natural kernel pistachio green color and 5% broken kernel.
Iran Pistachio: Iran (Islamic Republic of) We have been supplying the demands of the best quality.
Iranian Pistachios: Iran (Islamic Republic of) It is our great pleasure to inform you of our ability to supplied apricot importer Iran apricot wholesaler.
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Iran Dried Fruit Exporter
Clases del pistacho de Irán:
Pistacho largo de Akbari
Pistacho redondo (de Fandoghi)
(Pistacho enorme del ghuchi de la col rizada)
Pistacho del aghaee de Ahmad
Pistacho largo de Badami
Pistacho natural del núcleo
Pistacho verde del núcleo
Pistacho asado y salado
Pistacho asado y sin sal

Clases del azafrán de Irán:
Azafrán de Sargol (todo el rojo)
Azafrán de Pushal (Mancha)
Azafrán de Daste (manojos)

Clases de la pasa de Irán:
Pasa (negra) secada al sol
Pasa de Sultana
Pasa verde
Pasa de oro

Clases secadas Irán del higo:
Higo secado
Grado A de la goma del higo
Grado B de la goma del higo

Frutos secos de Irán otros productos:
Albaricoque entero
Mitades del albaricoque

Clases de la fecha de Irán:
Fecha de Piarom
Fecha de Sayer
Fecha de Mazafati
Fecha de Zahedi
Fecha de Kabkab
Fecha de Shahani

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